Mark Schneider

Inspiring Since 1985

BS Yale (08), University of Connecticut (14)

Mark's Art

For Mark, drawing and painting have been a life-long passion. In eighth grade, his "Colorful Rembrandt portrait" placed third in the Cray-pas Wonderful World of Color art competition out of over 17,000 entries. In High School, Mark won the Congressional Arts Competition.

Mark with award winning charcoal drawing
Mark's artwork has been displayed in the Cannon Tunnel of the U.S. Capitol, the Connecticut Capitol building in Hartford, the Davenport Art Gallery and the Slifka Center at Yale. He did the artwork for the official poster of the 2003 AA Eastern League All-Star Game. He also provided cover illustrations for most of the major Yale College publications including the Yale Herald, the Yale Politic, and the Yale Record, along with covers for Yale football and hockey programs.