Mark Schneider

Inspiring Since 1985

BS Yale (08), University of Connecticut (14)

Your Number One Fan

You're the star of your own life.
The spotlight is on you,
As you reach for your hopes and dreams
And what you want to do

The road is long and windy
From here to there and back
And it sometimes feels impossible
For you to stay on track

And the journey may be scary
As you travel on your own
And you may be too afraid
To face the world all alone

But the news is not so dreary
For whatever thing you do,
There is someone in your corner
Who is rooting just for you!

You're her number one investment
She knows the returns are high
She's there to help you spread your wings
She's there to help you fly

And she's there in case you fall
From the perch where you had been
And she'll give you the support
For you to spread your wings again

She's there to read a story
So you will sleep snugly at night
And she's there to protect you
So the bed bugs won't dare bite

Sometimes she must be stern
But she does so out of love
She's your greatest gift,
Sent to you from up above

When you're feeling cold and tired
Playing out in the snow storm,
She'll give you some hot cocoa
And she'll be there to keep you warm

When you're feeling very sick,
And you don't feel very good
Or when you're upset
And you feel misunderstood

She'll be there to give you juice
She'll be there to lend a hand
She'll be there to talk to one on one
She'll be there to understand

When you're losing a big game
Or you fear that you will fail
She'll be there to mend your sunken ship
So that you may set sail

When you're very young,
And as you start to grow,
She'll be there
With all her care
And that is all you need to know

She's there at your soccer games
Or at the ice skating ring
She's there at your concerts
Just to hear you sing

She's traveled the world
Since she gave birth,
For you, and just for you, she'll go
To the ends of the earth

She's there to give comfort
She sits in your court
She's there to smile
And give all her support

She's there to believe
That you will! That you can!
And she does it all with joy
She's your number one fan!

She's there to make cookies
Or bake you a cake
Or drive you an hour
To meet your friend Jake

Or argue with the umpire
For calling you out on your slide,
There is no one better
To have on your side!

When you set foot on your adventure
And when you travel through the dawn
She'll be there to keep you going
She'll be there to nudge you on

Until at last you cross the finish line
And you reach your destination
In your glory, you may forget
Someone who gave you inspiration

Fans don't get much credit
No one cheers for them, it seems
No one understands that
They are still part of the team

So you may take all for granted
Everything that she may do
And you may not understand
All the love she has for you

But today is very special,
For we drop the celebration bomb
And we shout "Hip Hip Hooray!"
We love you so much Mom!

For whatever trouble you may find
Or however far you roam,
She will always open up her arms
And welcome you back home

She's there to believe
That you will! That you can!
And she does it all with joy
She's your number one fan!


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