Mark Schneider

Inspiring Since 1985


Mark has always had a passion for writing. Apart from his Father Rime stories and his academic work, Mark has written a play, some short stories, and a collection of poems.

Two recent poems which capture Mark's can-do spirit, are included below, as well as a discussion of his play, Friends Like These.

The Ball Game of Life

Using baseball as an analogy for the ups and downs of life, this poem transforms a simple catch between a father and son into a poignant story with several layers of meaning.

Your Number One Fan

This poem is the story a loving mother who is always there for her children. Although she seldom receives due recognition for her heroic efforts, she is perfectly happy just to watch her children grow and learn.

Just as The Ball Game of Life was inspired by Mark's experiences with his father, Your Number One Fan was inspired by Mark's time with his mom.