Mark Schneider

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Look Ahead Lyrics

It was a partnership, from the very first day

When I asked, "Does he Have to stay?"

And since then, we've been there for each-other,

Side by side, brother by brother.

But Now, I'm here, and you're so far away it seems,

I know you're feeling crushed, and you're there in my dreams

And I remember, together,

The things we've done

And I remember, together,

Oh! How we had fun

But I guess fortune

Rolled the dice with me and you

I rolled a twelve

You rolled a two

I know how it feels when you face rejection

Everyone learns it, every now and then

But before, we've achieved near perfection

And I suspect, we can do it again

So Look Ahead

Force that Smile

Together, we'll make life

Worth your while

Look Ahead

Scout the Seas

Test the water,

Feel the Breeze

I know, it's hard to understand

For the time I didn't hold your hand

You can do it all, on your own

But it's a very hard path to walk alone

But together, I'll be there

Any weather, I don't care

And I just want you to realize,

Don't let this come as a surprise

But you should be standing here

Right by my side

Together, as brothers, with patience and pride

So don't look back, the water,

Is now over the brook.

So instead,

Look Ahead,

Just Loook

And you will see

There we'll be

Together, high on top

Any weather, will not stop

Our journey to the end

Yes, there will be duress

And frequent stress, but we'll progress

And enjoy success, my friend

So Look Ahead,

Force that smile

We'll manage to make life

Worth your while

I wish I could wave some magic wand

And make your bad luck, go away

But I can just offer to extend our bond

With an outstretched arm, today

So Look Ahead

And Don't Look Back

Fly off to your destiny

As Co-Pilot, I'll help you stay on track

And surely, you can trust in me

So don't be afraid,

Don't stay in bed

Don't close your eyes

Just Look Ahead

Look Ahead

Look Ahead with me

Have faith in yourself

Let it all run free

And then you'll see

That the rain which fell so hard today

And provided so much sorrow

Will soon have gone away

And there will be Sunshine and

A Rainbow, tomorrow.