Mark Schneider

Inspiring Since 1985

Music and Lyrics

Mark grew up listening to his dad's records by Simon & Garfunkel and Peter, Paul, and Mary. Inspired by the folk-rock tradition, Mark composed the music and lyrics to several songs, touching on very poignant and personal themes. Only At Yale chronicles the college experience as reflected on by a graduating senior. They Call it The American Dream is a sobering account of how life can fall short of expectations. Neverland is the song about a boy who longs to return to his childhood. Look Ahead is a song of encouragement and support for a friend that is going through tough times.

Although the creative use of rhyming is present throughout the Father Rime stories and Mark's song lyrics, the tone is a bit different. In contrast to the bouncy and up-beat spirit of his children's books, Mark's songs tend to be more pensive and reflecting, in an effort to capture the more poignant aspects of the human experience.